TS’ Fan Accounts @ Malaysia Autograph Signing Event

Beberapa fan account di Malaysia Fansigning Event..

fan account #1 from Kak Jo (flickycute) @ Triple Changjo Indonesia

My turn for fan account

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A totally worth for the wait for the money and worth for my leave

I got good experience and bad experience

Bad experience is that….the lady..the short hair lady who snatched my another CD that I bought and asked Jung Min to sign for my other admin…SHE SNATCHED IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF JUNG MIN!!!! IT IS SO RUDE!!!!! And even the MC said that we can choose our fave member and to sign for the CD that you have bought…I WAS SO PISSED OFF!!!!!you better watch out

I have to admit that obviously the crowd is huge and Warner music is unprepared…I look at it as being unprepared rather than being unprofessional…

Good experience…GAHH!!!! JUNG MIN SHOOK MY HAND (and obviously he is the one who signed for my CD) and it took like abt 3-4 mins to be with Jung Min…I was totally lost of words…funny that I even startled to say my name when Jung Min asked…whether I should put my calling name (short one) or full….I have to spell my name to this guy ^^ and then before I went to Jung Min…I didn’t even give a glance to Leader Baby and Saeng (very sorry) and I just bowed to Kyu Jong and straight go to Jung Min….on that time Kyu Jong was like free….(sorry again Kyu Jong ah…I make it up to you next time…wait no it is my total revenge to you for not touching my hand during the persona concert…twice kyu jong…TWICE u missed me…) I passed a present from a friend and my own HP strap handmade for them (again sorry…I made 5 but I lost the last one…which I found out it was right at the end of my bag…sorry boys…just share) and Jung Min was very happy and surprised because my friend’s present was a height size scarf…hopefully Jung Min will bring it home to Korea and so did my HP strap because I heard that they didn’t bring in the foods…I was too happy. I managed to get some blurry photos and I waved and jumped up and down to Jung Min before heading out…he waved back to me…………………………and I guess I lost my image to Jung Min already…hopefully he remembered me…!!! I LOVE U JUNG MIN AH!!!!

Then…Airport time….I snapped a lot HJL photo due to his lost passport (hopefully he got back his passport)I even shouted his name “HYUN JOONG SSI!!!” and then he turned and looked at my direction hehehe…I think everyone shouted not loud enough…SHOUT LOUDER GIRLS…it is your chance to be recognized by this walking statue…and he is sooo thinnn…OMG!!!! FEED HIM!!!! And then the real thing start…FaNCAMING!! I on right/ left almost behind…so I got like up close to Jung Min Kyu Jong. I keep yelling “JUNG MIN SSI!!!”(OMG! I AM SO FORMAL LOL X) ) and got Kyu Jong upclose too…Jung Min and Kyu Jong looked on my camera a few times…and then I rushed to the front to try to get Hyung Joon…I shouted his name “HYUNG JOON AH!!”…he turned his head a bit and keep walking…I don’t know whether people call him baby maknae or what…I don’t care just shout his name “HYUNG JOON AH!!!” but I didn’t cam him huuhuh….(due to pushing and walking fast) in the end I am back to my “Jung Min ah” till the end…^^

I also cammed them after the were into immigration and such…(lucky a friend’s friend who got inside the immigration and being cammed by the boys T_________T NEVER MIND!!! JUNG MIN TOUCHED MY HAND IS MORE THAN ENOUGH)

I love Park Jung Min more than ever now…..^^

SS501 thanks for the precious time….I will bring this moment until the end of my days…and thanks for SS501 too I could come to Malaysia and met my old secondary teachers and friends…I guess I really need to thank SS501 for all the wonderful things happening to me………..

OK…that’s it for today….the photo and ugly fancam will come soon….

If want to know the answer whether they are good looking in real life or not…since I saw them in persona the other day so I still see the same…..good looking…

^thanks so much Kak Jo, mau liat foto-fotonya… XDDD

fan account #2 from khad @ soompi

hi there!!me also just come back for the autograph session..i’m lucky enough i can say…coz,actually,i’m in the middle batch..though,during my time the security more tight!!!even so,i still manage to get hyun joong’s sign!!!

yeah..like others said..the event was soo incondusive…and the securities were so fierce and rough..*sigh*
and the fans were all pushing each other until at one point i felt like choking!!and i was still fasting during that time!!oh my….in the line, i can see the tired face of kyu jong and hyun joong…poor them! even hyun joong put his tongue out in respond to tiredness when no fan in front of him…i can see jung min still smiling friendly to all the fans!

nevertheless, i felt very happy when i got to go into hyun joong’s line!!and after he signed my postcard, i said “kumao” to him..and he looked at me and gave his killing smile!!!*i think i cannot sleep well after this!!!hehe

just want to informed all malaysian fans…that,we..TRIPLE S MALAYSIA had bought each of the members baju melayu (malaysian male national cloth/baju kebangsaan). just want to share with u all the colour that we bought for each member:


^TS Malaysia kasih Baju Melayu untuk SS501.. ^^
Moga dipake, dan mereka suka… ^^

fan account #3 from bbwakiyama @ s0ompi
Dia dari Jepang…

I was there with my two Japanese friends. We planed to get lots of pictures of the boys so we can share with Japan TS. We were staying at the same hotel of the event. We arrived and checked in the hotel 5 hours ahead of time, and then we made a stupid decision to go out for lunch and for touring the city. The traffic was SO bad that we got back only half an hour before the event. It was choas at the waiting lines of about 300 meters long,..yeap, I’m not kidding. We were not able to buy the CD, or get into the hall.

After the event ended, we went into the hotel and tried to get to the boys from the other side of the meeting room. After getting ourselves lost, and chased by the securities all over that giant hotel several rounds. We were able to see SS501. YES! after all the madness and disappointments, we saw them in the hallway, walking toward another room. This is my third times seeing the boys in person, yet I still amazed at how GOOD LOOKING they are. Leader is just drop-dead GORGEOUS, KuyJoong is very, very HANDSOME, YoundSaeng is as CUTE as a button, Baby and JM are just TOO ADORABLE to describe. We were stoped by bodyguard and hotel securities, they even tried to take away our cameras.

Right at when we tried to get the boys’ attentions, and negotiated with the securities, something HEARTBROKEN was happened right before our eyes; LEADER ALMOST FAINTED. He lost his balance and leaned for the wall. YoungSaeng who walked behind him jumped forward and held leader to prevent him from falling into the floor. His manager even tried to flash water onto HJ’s face. Everybody was panic and rushed over Leader. We could still see his head, so I believed that he didn’t really lost his consciousness. The whole group moved into the room right after that. We stood at the end of the hallway for hour to wait for them anxiously, but then got chased away by the hotel security. My friend cried her eyes out, she’s a big fan of Leader since 2005. One of the event coordinator was nice enough to inform us that everything is ok with Leader, he just need to rest, but then she also said that they still have interviews with the press.. I feel so sorry for the boys, especially Leader. They all looked so tired. Their schedule is ridiculously packed. We didn’t get to take any decent picture to share with you all. Our plan didn’t come out as good as we thought. Still, we were happy to see the boys, but also feel horrible at the same time because of Leader’s incident. I hope they will get enough rest.

To all Malaysian – Your country is so beautiful, I will sure be back for site seeing and vacation.

^Leader Hyun Joong sempat mau pingsan karena kecapekan… omg…. TT__TT

BONUS : 2 Otter.. ^^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
credit : bestys.net + SS601

^aaaaaahhh… so cute~~~

5 Responses to “TS’ Fan Accounts @ Malaysia Autograph Signing Event”

  1. 1 Fey
    September 5, 2009 at 10:50 AM

    halah, Hyun Joong Leader mo pingsan, kasian hiks hiks
    Kayaknya mrk tuh emang capek bgt >..<
    ga rela rasanya kalo 1 pun dr mrk sakit or kenapa2

  2. 2 shinhw4_girl
    September 5, 2009 at 2:23 PM

    jangan mau kalah, klo ke indo aku kasih blankon!!!!

    ama kain sarung wuakakakaka

    *fan girl yg stress* ==’

  3. 3 Sisca
    September 5, 2009 at 8:42 PM

    @shinhwa_girl: kita kasih keris aja gmn…

    aduh, hyun joong-ku…
    please kasih mereka istirahat dong…
    kan kalo mereka sakit, manajemen juga yang pusing…
    God, please bless them…!

  4. 4 dheaa
    September 6, 2009 at 12:00 AM

    wah , ia kak .
    kita kasih baju jawa satu” + blankon .
    uda gt pake keris .
    wah , nggak mbayangin deh !
    pasti lucuu ! xD

    ya ampun , kasian banget mreka semua kecapek.an .
    saking sibuknya sih .
    smoga semuanya cepet pulih dan kembali seperti semula .
    amin 🙂

  5. 5 Juliana Sun
    July 11, 2010 at 5:06 PM

    where can i find jung min’s oppa pict that u snaped chingu??
    i want too get shake hand by jung min oppa..
    how could if i want to be like u???? ^^
    do u have fb?? Gomawo.. 🙂

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